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Kenneth Shinozuka | The Present Is A Beautiful Gift

“You are you. You are a miracle. We are all miracles who happen to be here today, who happens to be learning from each other at this conference. You are occupying one of the greatest silvers of time of this vast thing that we call history. You are living in the 21st century. The era of most progress that has ever occurred in the world. You are incredibly lucky to be who you. To be where you are.”

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Hunter Lee Soik | What If We Could Build A Database Of Dreams?

Hunter Lee Soik is founder and CEO of Shadow that is building the Wikipedia of dreams. Do the Japanese who sleep the least also dream the least? What does your dream mean? What is the global dream trend for 2014? If you walk 10,000 steps, will you have more positive dreams? If we eat chicken after 9 pm, will we have a certain type of dream? Hunter’s dream is to answer these questions by building the first global resource for dreams.

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Evan Doll | How To Conquer Information Overload

Evan Doll is the co-founder of Flipboard that started from a garage in Palo Alto. Flipboard now has over 100 million registered users around the world. The launch of the iPad proved to be a turning point for Flipboard as it became one of the first seminal apps for it. In his talk, Evan talks about his Welsh roots, how his Nan would find interesting clippings and send them to him. Like a modern day curator. And how information overload can be like empty calories and why we need to slow information down, switch that phone off and start taking notice of the little important moments that are happening in our daily lives.

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