Free Food

DO Wales

Running Time
48m 59s


Yun Hider


Foraging... an ancient practice key to the survival mankind. 

Through foraging Yun feels he's discovered a surprisingly simple and accessible way to connect with the environment. Essential knowledge that we all used to depend on once rekindled, can help connect us to our precious and fragile world.

Yun is a Forager... and he has spent the last 13 years working as the chefs 'hands in the forest.'

Specialising in the sourcing of particularly tasty wild vegetables, fruits and flowers. Walking through forests and tracking up streams, wading across marshes and bogs, ambling along old country lanes and hedgerows, exploring estuaries and the coast, this is his life, searching out and learning about nature’s edible wild bounty!

Working outside 52 weeks a year in all weathers has surprising benefits... picking in driving rain to biting cold winds and snow that leaves your fingers frozen after just 20 minutes… is contrasted by spectacular blue-sky days that remind us of how lucky we are.

With the excuse of collecting wild food, Yun feels he has gained a valuable and privileged insight into our environment. After spending eight hours in the heart of a forest, crouched down picking tiny blades of wood sorrel, with just the birds and bubbling brooks... or the howling wind and swaying trees...he finds himself immersed in a very special world.


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