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Why have customers when you can have fans?

  • Cardigan Parc y Pratt Farm (map)

The great businesses, the great brands, are made great by the fact they have a deep, relentless, burning desire to make some change happen.  Purpose driven companies have a strength of connection with their customers that others simply don’t enjoy. Why have customers when you can have fans?

Using your purpose to build a connection with your customers, makes for a very strong community. Your purpose also attracts members of the team who get it, and whom, come what may, are going to make it happen. A strong purpose makes for a strong team.

The biggest asset you have in your company is a clear understanding of what you want to change, and why. People love Patagonia not just because of the outdoor clothes they make, but because they are doing everything they can look after this precious planet of ours.

Your purpose is a powerful business tool. Both for the business you want to grown and the change you want to make.

What you will learn?

Why purpose matters?

How purpose changes everything?

How to use ‘Change’ to build your company?

How to tell your story so it connects?

How to tell your story when you are not there?

Why have customers when you can have fans?

Why your team is only as strong as the culture you build?

Why everyone needs a mission?

Why Nike had to start the Ekins?

How to use to business as a tool for change?

Why trust is a multiplier of energy?

What can we learn from your football team?

Why purpose makes hiring easier?

Why side projects matter?

How to look at success differently?

Workshop with David Hieatt
Co-founder Hiut Denim Co
Co-founder of The Do Lectures.

Location: Parc-y-Pratt Farm, Cardigan, SA43 3DR
Fresh, local food
Plus teas, coffees and snacks throughout the day.

Tickets cost £200