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SOLD OUT - Do Present. How To Give A Talk Like You Have Always Wanted To. (London - Mar 15th)

  • Cecil Sharp House 2 Regent's Park Road London, England, NW1 7AY United Kingdom (map)

Cost: £350.00 (incl. VAT)

How do you give a talk like you have always wanted to?
As you leave that stage, you want to know that you did your best. And to do that, you have to do two important things.

1, Find your voice. 
2, Find the confidence to share it.

They are simple things, but not easy things. Sometimes we get in our own way. We convince ourselves that we aren’t very good at giving talks. Not true, by the way. But, if we keep telling ourselves that, sooner or later we begin to believe it.

The other area that we struggle with is being ourselves. Odd, because we do it every day. But when we get on stage and become this other person. Less funny. Less human. Less engaging.

So what’s the answer?
This workshop will show you how to find your voice. How to be more you. How to stand-out How to use slides that don’t look like slides. How to talk without slides. How to come off-script. How to hold yourself on stage. How to relax. And how to learn to love the performance.

Doing a great talk is not about following a method. It’s not about rules. It’s not about one minute a slide. A great presentation is about finding your true voice. It’s about understanding what you want the audience to do and feel afterwards. Ultimately, it is all about being you.

You know when you’ve seen a great presenter. They effortlessly hold the stage. They don’t seem to use notes. They keep you enthralled for the whole talk. You don’t know how long they’ve been talking about but you haven’t looked at your watch or picked up your phone once. A great speaker leaves you informed, entertained and uplifted. A great speaker has learnt that hardest thing: To just be themselves. And how to relax to let that happen.

Why does a great talk matters?
Presentations and talks now exist forever. They sit on the internet longer than you’ll work. They need to be brilliant. They need to be compelling. They need to help you grow your business.

What will you learn?
How to prepare so you won’t forget?
How to use films to do the hard work?
How to relax on stage?
How to keep time without looking at your phone?
Learn the importance of a great talk. 
Learn how to read the motivations of the audience. 
How to learn your own style? Yes, you have one.
How to learn your own voice? Ditto, for that too.
How to be you? You are very good at that.
(This isn’t about copying the best; it’s about finding your best.)
How to deal with questions, even tricky ones?
How to use your humour? 
How to close the talk on a high?
This workshop is restricted to 25 people. 
Expect to present in front of everyone. 
Expect to be filmed.

Your Coach.
Mark Shayler is one of Britain’s most charismatic keynote speakers. He has made a reputation by thinking on his feet, by engaging audiences all over the world. He has spoken to some of the biggest companies in the world. When he isn’t on stage he is a leading change consultant for companies.

Good simple lunch is provided. Plus teas and coffees throughout the day. Please let us know of any dietary requirements you may have by emailing

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