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Do Disrupt. How to create an innovation culture. And why it matters. Like, really matters (London)

  • Ubrew, Old Jamaica Business Estate 24 Old Jamaica Road London, SE16 4AW United Kingdom (map)

Companies rarely change too early. They almost always change too late. The trouble with success is it puts you in a mind set that it will always be that way.  But Nokia is a cautionary tale. So how do you create a ‘never stand still’ culture. Because right now your biggest competitor is in his underpants, with his headphones on, eating a bowl of Cheerios, while writing a piece a code that will turn your industry upside down. So how do become nimble, agile, and fast. This workshop will show how you think and behave to help you disrupt your business, in order to ensure your company's biggest successes are in the future, and not in the past. 

10 things you will learn:

Why you should cannibalise your business before your competitor does?

How to create a culture of “Sprints”?

What you can learn from a crisis management? And why it will help you?

Why Nike created the Ekins?

Why side projects matter?

Why you need to be a speedboat?

10 Signs that you’re not changing fast enough?

Why setting unrealistic deadlines will help you? 

How to be the pirate on the inside of a big ship?

Why you need to have more parties?

Workshop with Mark Shayler

Location:   Central London, Venue TBC