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Do Breakthrough: The Life-Changing Magic Of Sorting Your Sh*t Out. (London - Oct 4th) - SOLD OUT

  • Cecil Sharp House 2 Regent's Park Road London, England, NW1 7AY United Kingdom (map)

Cost: £350.00 (incl. VAT)

This workshop is a 1-day hybrid version of our annual 3-day Do Breakthrough seminar.


This Breakthrough Seminar will help you take that big next step.

Why Attend?
You keep telling yourself that you are stuck. You are not. Old habits just require new strategies. You have convinced yourself you are too late for change. You are not late for anything. You keep telling yourself you have to find your passion. But only 20% of us have a single passion. So for 80% of us that just leads to more frustration. You keep telling yourself a story that is almost guaranteed to limit your success. Why do we do that?

This day is challenging. As it should be. But, it is a very supportive environment.

The feedback from past attendees has been incredible, powerful and to be honest, it has given us a real drive to do more. There is no denying this: Sorting our sh*t out, is one of the most magical feelings you can feel. I know you hear this phrase a lot, but this is life-changing.

But, don't think this complex. This is not.  We share with you simple strategies that can quickly be adopted into your every day to make a breakthrough happen. We have learnt them from listening to over 300 speakers and some of the world's most pioneering behavioural scientists. We have done a ton of work.

This is an incredible day. Because you have taken the first step.

We offer a full refund, no questions asked, to anyone who attends and doesn't walk away with the super powers to change their life.

The Thinking.

Three Pillars of Mastery.

To master ourselves there are three strengths that we need to gain. Unless we master them, we will not become the best version of ourselves. We will find breakthrough hard to achieve. 
Think of them as three legs on a stool.
Each one is required to be of equal length and strength. And therefore, of equal importance. So, when we sit down on it, it is balanced. This allows us to concentrate on doing our best work we have ever done.

They allow us to concentrate on the problem in front of us, not underneath us.

1, Emotional fitness.
2, Physical fitness.
3, Financial fitness.
Emotional fitness.
Lots of people go to a gym to make their body stronger. But what if each day you learnt how to make yourself emotionally stronger? What if you joined a gym for the mind?
Physical fitness.
If you want to be strong in the mind, you need to be strong in the body. How do you make your default to find time so that you make your body stronger, more flexible, leaner each day? 
Financial Fitness.
There will be those are asking why is financial fitness one of the legs. It’s the thing we least want to talk about, and the thing we most worry about. That’s why.

Our relationship with money isn’t always healthy. If we are paid a lot, we tend to spend to that new level. We often think we need to work crazy hard to make money, and yet if we look at when we made the most money, it was a small moment of inspiration.

If we are going to argue with our loved ones, there is more chance it will be about money than any other single thing. Money is the biggest cause of stress for people.

Selling time can and does indeed help you earn a high income. But you are selling time. Your most limited resource. And time doesn’t scale. Isn't that a truth?

So, what do you have to do to become a master of your money?

1, Spend less than you earn.
2, Save a set amount each month.
3, Be tax efficient.
4, Get a great financial advisor.
5, Diversify.
6, Create assets.
7, Have a 6-month money safety-net.
8, Be an investor, not a consumer.
9, Start now.
10, Make your money make money.

(I will be going in-depth on cryptocurrency as this will be the future of money. And I want you to understand a grasp of it before the future arrives.

Life-Changing Magic Of This Moment.

S.O.S.O. | The technical term for this moment is this:
Sort Our Shit Out.
We are more likely to want to change if we have to, if we have no choice. A turning point in our lives is helpful because it forces to make a change. Humans don’t like change. They will do anything to avoid it. Having these moments in our lives is important, even if at the time they were the worst of times. It turns out the worst of times help us find the best of times.

Back Story.
The Destination Needs To Be Known.
Most people know when they go to a train station, where they want to go to. Almost 100%. But most people can’t say the same of their career, their business or even their life. And because we have no clear goal, we end up in a place we didn't want to be in. And then say to ourselves with surprise: This isn’t where I want to be.

To Change Your Life, You Must First Change Your Habits.
We are the sum-total of our habits. So how do we take control of what we repeatedly do? Because what we repeatedly do shapes our days, our bodies and our minds. But breaking a habit is harder than just carrying on with it. Habits are created over time, and we don’t even know they are habits until we try and opt out of them. Opting out is hard. Why does it take on average 66 days to break a habit? Some take shorter. Some take longer. But a deep understanding is needed to break a habit. Willpower won’t do it.

"We Make Our Habits. Then Our Habits Make Us."
The mistake most people make is trying to change a behaviour and not the person you need to become to make the new habit stick. Imagination is the superpower to changing new habits. Why? Because 95% of habits are sub-consciously driven (right brain). Basically, we don’t even think about them. We just auto-pilot them. And to change them, we try and use the left brain. The odds are not stacked in its favour. We need to imagine the person we need to be before we can make the change happen.

What Makes You Cross?
This is one of the best and simplest way to break a habit. Jerry Seinfeld productivity secret is better known as ‘Don’t break the chain’. Spend some amount time doing the desired activity every day, when you do, cross off that day on a calendar.  This creates a chain of X’s showing your progress. The more X’s there are, the motivated you are to keep going. This effect is called loss aversion. Basically, we haven’t come this far to only come this far. The progress is visible. And it’s addictive, in a good way.

To add some spice to this, over a 90 day period of not drinking, switching my phone off for 12-hour stints, and meditating each day, I would put £5 in a box. In the box was a box of matches and a photo of something I was saving up for. If I fail, I would have to burn the money. If I succeed, I would have a bunch of money towards something I wanted. Both stick and carrot.*

*All Credit to Mike Coulter for this piece of inspiration.
Forget Big Change. Start With A Tiny Habit.
A Stanford professor called B.J. Fogg is leading the way in behaviour change. He believes the way to make lasting changing is to baby step your way to it. He believes three elements must converge at the same time for a behaviour to occur: Motivation. Ability. And Trigger. His students include one of the founders of Instagram.

The trick to the trigger is to attach it to something you already do. For example, every time I have a shower, I now always do 100 Pilates sit-ups. In short, Tiny Habits works by designing out the need for motivational levels, which can come and go with the wind. An important celebratory pat on the back is important. Because you are rewriting your identity as someone who succeeds.

If those are the questions that you have been asking yourself for far too long, know this, change requires action. Change requires you to raise your standards. Change requires you to do things differently.

A change will have its fair share of discomfort. But, on the other side of change is a new better version of you.

Future You.
All those barriers in the way of your dreams, of the life you want to live have been put there over time by one person: You. You are the one who has convinced yourself that you can’t do something, you are the one with limiting beliefs, you are the one that plays small when the big chance comes along. You are the one that emits either confidence or fear. You are the one who has that brilliant idea or the average one. You are the one who makes people feel like you can take on the world or that it may not work out.

There is always a tendency to blame someone else or put it down to bad luck that something didn’t happen. But, when we look in the mirror, do we see the person who is mastering themselves or the person who is still giving excuses as to why they are not where they want to be.

Workshop with David Hieatt.
Co-founder of The Do Lectures. Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co. Before that Co-founder of howies. Finally left a salary in 2001 and hasn't looked back since.

What Will You Learn?

1, Why willpower is sugar.
2, How to start and stick to a morning ritual.
3, How to use the subconscious to make change happen.
4, How to use your imagination to your advantage.
5, Why we need to change the person, not the behaviour.
6, How to hack your sleep.
7, Why a contract with yourself is so powerful.
8, How to see things as you want them to be, not as they are.
9, Why you should always start with the end in mind.
10, Where is your attention?
11, What are the 6 human needs?
12, How to deal with a choice of should and must.
13, How to master the battle between pain and pleasure.
14, How emotion is a superpower of change.
15, How to control your emotional states.
16, Why telling yourself a better story matters.
17, How to raise your standards.
18, How to prime yourself.
19, Why progress equals happiness.
20, Why there are 7 signs of wealth.
21, Why cryptocurrency is a big part of your future.
22, How to hack your mortgage.
23, How can we fit a 3-day seminar into 1 day. (Early start. Late finish)

Good simple lunch is provided. Plus teas and coffees throughout the day.
Please let us know of any dietary requirements you may have by emailing

This next 1 day workshop will run again in Spring.

London. October 4th, 2018. £350. 
Only 100 places will be available.

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