How Do We Teach What Has Yet To Be Invented?

DO Australia

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17m 01s

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Will Dayble


Education, zeitgeist(s), disruption, connections, are all elements that has Will suggesting we are at the breaking point for many big things. He’ll excite you around what happens next.

Passionate about making the world better, Will’s a pioneer, not a settler, who speaks on hype, style and disruption at events worldwide. He never went to uni, started his first web company in high school and has since written and delivered courses at leading Australian universities. He's heavily involved in startup social entrepreneurship and charity work, providing consulting to not-for-profits across the world.

He's a featured writer at Medium & Smashing Magazine, a Director at Squareweave, founder of the transparency startup, co-owner of Grace Cafe, owns indie label ALL CAPS Records, DJs at parties around the world, and he works intimately with The Pirate Bay on edge projects. His clients include big corporations, government, and a slew of startup enterprises.

In his spare time, Will doesn’t have any.


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