A Speakerʼs Do List

Doʼs and Don'ts

1. Do tell your story. It will inspire others more than you will ever know.

2. Do inspire yourself too. Donʼt do the talk you always do. Leave your comfort zone.

3. Do tell us of your struggles as well as your successes. Failure is often a better teacher than success.

4. Donʼt read it. You know your story off by heart, so let it come from the heart. You will touch more people that way.

5. Do tell us your dreams, your passions, what you stand for, your crazy new idea or your brave new thinking. We need to know what drives you.

6. Do entertain. We cover some serious subjects but that doesnʼt mean we have to be serious. Entertainment is good. People learn a lot while laughing.

7. Do remember your audience. They’re the change makers of the future and we want to inspire them to go and do something amazing.

8. Donʼt steal other speakers time. Itʼs a 20 minute talk.

9. Do give the best talk that you have ever done.

10. Do stay around, be part of the conversations, they want to learn from you but they have some amazing ideas too.