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Justin McMurray | What If We Point The Camera Back At The Internet?

Justin McMurray is the co-founder of Somewhere. maker, doer and entrepreneur – from building voluntary platforms to street art projects to building companies. He recounts the story of one of the most famous pictures of all time: NASA’S voyager picture looking back at earth after Carl Sagan had persuaded them it would be a good thing to do. So a picture from 6 billion KM’s from earth put us into context. The earth was one tiny pixel amongst millions of others. So in an internet world of Sunset drinks and Double rainbows in a perfect Instagram world, we share a perfect version of ourselves. But is that really turning the camera back on the internet? How do we bridge the gulf between reality and the world that we put out there? How do we be ourselves in a digital world? Are we being authentic? He talks about emerging platforms like Patreon which is taking patronage into the 21st century, and Kiva, the microloans site and Kickstarter. His point is these took an awful lot of doing but at the same time an awful lot of reflecting. So remember to turn the camera back.

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Carlo Navato | A Call To Arms For Curiosity

Carlo Navato is the visionary founder of Haxted Estates, a multi-award winning property developer who believes his success has come from being passionately curious. He believes he has no special talents, with the exception of his ever curious mindset. For him, curiosity leads to inspiration which leads to creativity which leads to you doing cool stuff.

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Rose Styron | The Beauty Of Wisdom

“Rose is both a great thinker and a consummate do-er. Mother, friend, poet, journalist, and human rights activist, Rose has always cared for those close to her, captured the world she’s lived in through her poetry and other writings and tried to make it better through her human rights work. Her life and friendship are a gift to all those who know her, and I’m delighted that you have the chance to hear her story in her words. With that, I’m proud and honoured to introduce my friend, Rose Styron.”

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