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Andrew Reason | Rethinking The Washing Machine

Andrew Reason is reinventing the washing machine. It uses less energy, less water and costs less to run.

His machine automatically weighs the washing, then dispenses the right amount of water, detergent and fabric softener, cutting down on waste.

Kilo for kilo it uses 30% less electricity for a standard cotton wash compared to a typical A-rated European machine.

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Trevor Baylis | You Can Invent

Why invent? Art is pleasure, invention’s treasure

Trevor discusses the difficulties he had in getting my Clockwork Radio taken seriously as a product and the obstacles he faced taking it to market, illustrating the problems many inventors have in bringing their ideas to the attention of others and their attempts at commercial success.

But most of all, he encourages and inspires us to think creatively or ‘outside the box.’

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John Grant | Love Versus Greed

John has been involved in a number of social ventures over the last 20 years. He explains how they are always a mixture of love (social purpose) and greed (capital, investment, equity and personal ambition), putting it this way allows John to make it clear that there is an inbuilt conflict at the heart of every such venture.

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