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Adele Stafford | What's It Like To Farm Fabric And Allow Textiles To Tell A Story?

I wish to celebrate with all of you Adele’s unusual combination of courage, talent, skill and heart that she has used to weave these straw-colored yarns (that I bred and grew over decades in different landscapes) into golden cloths that shimmer with story and place and a tender sort of love from and of our ephemeral glittering living world.” SALLY FOX, FOX FIBRE.

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Rose Styron | The Beauty Of Wisdom

“Rose is both a great thinker and a consummate do-er. Mother, friend, poet, journalist, and human rights activist, Rose has always cared for those close to her, captured the world she’s lived in through her poetry and other writings and tried to make it better through her human rights work. Her life and friendship are a gift to all those who know her, and I’m delighted that you have the chance to hear her story in her words. With that, I’m proud and honoured to introduce my friend, Rose Styron.”

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