Michael Townsend Williams | Inhale. Exhale. Why We All Need To Learn How To Do This Better


Michael Townsend Williams
Inhale. Exhale. Why We All Need To Learn How To Do This Better

Founder of BreatheSync

DO Wales 2014
Running time: 22m 08s

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In the glittering heydays of 1980s advertising, Michael was in the thick of it; working at Saatchi’s and living the prolific adman lifestyle. High pressured deadlines, a pace as fast as lightning and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. His journey - as Michael’s wife would call it - is from being off his head to on his head. From alcoholic to Yogi.

Both life’s joys and heartbreaking tragedies would change the trajectory of Michael’s life. The birth of his son set him on track to what is now twenty years of sobriety and the untimely and sudden death of his brother would be a harsh dose of perspective that would see him follow his heart and leave the addicting excesses of the advertising world.

Michael talks us through the years that would lead him to the creation of his wellbeing app, Breathe Sync, a technology that allows to you to align your breathing with the beat of your heart and, in turn, breathe away stress. A reflective and vulnerable talk, Michael’s story is an affirmation of the virtues of following your heart, being as well as doing and breathing yourself better.

Michael Townsend Williams is a DOer who likes to be. Through his experiences of obsessive doing in advertising and obsessive being in yoga, he created an app where being and doing can come together. His app Breathe Sync brings your breathing into sync with your heart to reduce stress and improve focus. So whether you're a DOer who forgets to be or a being who forgets to DO, you can breathe yourself better.

Michael is also the author of  'Do Breathe: Clear your head. Find focus. Get stuff done'.