Jenny Fielding | Think Small. Even When You Are Big


Jenny Fielding
Think Small. Even When You Are Big

Head of Digital Ventures at BBC Worldwide 

DO Wales 2013
Running time: 20m 00s

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“Act as if today's your last day.”

Jenny Fielding heads Digital Ventures at BBC Worldwide where she evaluates digital opportunities, strategic partnerships and investments. She also runs BBC Worldwide Labs, a business accelerator designed for early-stage digital media companies in London and New York.

Jenny has a long history in the tech industry founding start-ups including, Switch-Mobile, a disruptive VoIP mobile software company that was acquired in 2008.

Previously, Jenny was COO of Wodan Capital, an associate at JP Morgan and started her career as a lawyer at Wieden & Kennedy.

She also sits on the Board and advises several companies and organizations including, Founder Labs and Astia among others. Jenny is based in San Francisco and New York when she’s not in London.