Dennis McIntosh | Train Your Brain Like A Muscle


Dennis McIntosh
Train Your Brain Like A Muscle

Teacher and Writer 

DO Australia 2015
Running time: 26m 03s

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Dennis McIntosh spent part of his life doing some of the world’s most challenging jobs: Shearing sheep, digging tunnels – and looking after his unwell daughter. Using the power of cross-patterning he was able to help his baby daughter recover from a stroke, as well as transform his own life, bit by bit.

Dennis is the author of Beaten by a Blow, Penguin (2008) and The Tunnel, Penguin (2014).  By the age of 27, Dennis had finished his life as a shearer and was working shift work digging a sewage tunnel. One particular night shift he had an epiphany that set him on the course that has shaped the rest of his life. A failed education, teenage marriage, sick child, alcoholism and meaningless work were the circumstances that confronted Dennis that night.

His oldest daughter who had an acquired brain injury had recovered through brain patterning. Why couldn’t he do the same? That was in 1987. In 2014 he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Adelaide.  Dennis will talk about what he did to change the circumstances of his life then, and how he put himself on a course of continual renewal.



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