Anna Jones | On Trusting Your Instincts


Anna Jones
On Trusting Your Instincts

Cook, Food Writer and Stylist

DO Wales 2015
Running time: 26m 19s

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“What and how I eat defines how my body and mind feels. How my body and mind feel defines my outlook and attitude to the world.”

She worked for many years as part of Jamie Oliver’s food team – styling, writing and working behind the scenes on books, TV shows, and food campaigns – and went on to work with some of the UK’s biggest food brands and best-known chefs.

She believes that vegetables should be put at the centre of every table, and is devoted to helping people make a long-term commitment to eating well and feeling amazing. She is led by the joy of food - the spritz of freshness when you peel an orange or the crackle and waft of deep savoury spice when you add curry leaves to a pan of hot oil – and thinks that healthy eating is as much about pleasure as anything else.

Anna is the author of the acclaimed A Modern Way to Eat, picked out as a book of the year and the best new vegetarian cookbook across the media. Her next book will be published in summer 2015. She lives, writes and cooks in Hackney, East London.