Amanda Blainey | Learning To Live With Death


Amanda Blainey
Learning To Live With Death

Global Movement Talking About Death

DO Wales 2018
Running time: 20m 00s

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“We could be more authentic, be more true to ourselves, take more risks, spend more time with family, make ourselves happier, be more compassionate.”

How exploring death can help us to live more meaningful lives. Amanda Blainey is a speaker and social media activist in the growing death movement and founder of Doing Death. In addition to working with patients at the Peace Hospice in  Hertfordshire as an emotional and spiritual wellbeing volunteer, she regularly runs a death cafe in St Albans which is a safe space for people to discuss any topics surrounding death and dying.  She is a consultant to 'The Hospice Biographers' charity who record life stories of the terminally ill in hospices throughout the UK. Her hope is that by opening up an authentic conversation about and embracing death and dying,  she can help dispel some of the fear and taboo surrounding it. And inspire people to have an enriching,  more meaningful life.