Alan Webber | Become A Radical Pragmatist


Alan Webber
Become A Radical Pragmatist

Co-founding Editor of Fast Company   

DO Wales 2011
Running time: 24m 22s

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Alan Webber’s wonderful talk. We are in a big fix and we need a big fix. The rise of the radical pragmatist. Big Idea.

Alan Webber is, most recently, author of Rules of Thumb: 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self.

Previously he worked in local, state, and federal government, starting in Portland, Oregon; served as managing editor and editorial director of the Harvard Business Review; and was co-founding editor of Fast Company magazine.

He serves on the board of the Dorobo Fund in Tanzania, the Aftermath Project (a project devoted to the idea that war is only half the story), the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, among others. His current job title is Global Detective.



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