Peace and Prosperity

DO Australia

Running Time
19m 17s

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Steve Killelea
Founder & Executive Chairman Institute for Economics and Peace


Steve Killelea looks at peace differently. He has dedicated his life to peace and explains how the challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century can’t be solved without it.

Steve Killelea is an accomplished entrepreneur in high technology and international business development. With 30 years experience under his belt, he has applied his vast knowledge of the information technology industry to his philanthropic activities; founding the Institute for Economics and Peace to focus on better understanding the linkages between business, peace and economic development. He is also the founder of the Global Peace Index, the first ever tool for measuring the peacefulness of countries.

A respected authority and regular speaker at global forums on conflict, governance and development, Do Lectures Australia is honoured that Steve will be joining us this April and look forward to hearing his message.


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