How Can We Dance In The Commons?


Running Time
22m 28s


Severine von Tscharner Fleming
Farmer, Activist, Director of Greenhorns


"How do we involve more people in caring for the land, and how do we involve more people in behaving in a way that helps the land."  

Severine is the director of Greenhorns, she been an organizer and cultural worker within the young farmer movement for almost 10 years, proud co-founder of National Young Farmers Coalition, Farm Hack and Agrarian Trust, and board member of the Schumacher Center for New Economics. Her work has spanned many media to celebrate, bundle and broadcast the voices and life-ways of young agrarians, from films, radio, blog gossip, guidebooks, an anthology, 2 new farmers almanacs, and newly, a mixtape and vinyl record! This trans-media work is designed to connect individuals within the broader community of action, helping to orient the work on the land, career, stamina, and interpretation of place-based possibilities. The mission of the Greenhorns is to promote, recruit and support the rising generation in organic agriculture. Greenhorns are based on Lake Champlain in Essex, New York, a 360-mile sail-boat ride from NYC.


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