Why Reinvent The Wheel?

DO Wales

Running Time
10m 08s


Sam Pearce


“I came up with an idea that is life-changing.”

The design of the wheel hasn't changed much in over 100 years. Sam figured there must be a better design. So he spent 6 years making his idea work. He finally launched his new invention Loopwheels (a wheel with suspension within it) publicly for the first time in early 2013. Sam talks about coming up with the right idea, something disruptive and life changing and nurturing it until it's ready for launch.

Sam Pearce invented and developed loopwheels in his home in Nottinghamshire, England. By training and profession, Sam is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer.

By nature, he is some one who loves making things: designing, building, doing. He loves the way things fit together, the way things work, and the way things are made.

Sam first had the idea of a wheel with integral suspension in 2007. He made his first basic prototype in 2009, but it took four years of development and testing to create the loopwheel you see today.


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