How to Fail More

DO Wales

Running Time
39m 31s


Russel Davies
Founder, Newspaper Club


Tinkering. Playing. Interesting. Slow. Lessons learned building the Instorematic.

About a year ago Russell volunteered to build a machine thing to go in howies shop window in Carnaby Street. It took longer than they thought, but building it has taught them all sorts of interesting things about building, playfulness, slowness, making things with your friends and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They talk about those things and others that seem related. There'll be jokes and funny videos from the internet.

Russell was born in Derby. Did school, university, tried to be a pop star and gag writer, failed at both and ended up in advertising. He did OK at it. Worked on brands and campaigns you'll have heard of, like:

Honda, Microsoft and Nike. Now he's trying to use his powers for good, doing interesting little projects which mostly seem to involve either printing the internet out and gluing it back together in a different order, or slowing it down with postcards.


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