Poster: 'Imagine Two Films'

Poster: 'Imagine Two Films'


The text was written by David Hieatt, the founder of the DO Lectures which encapsulates the spirit of DO. This limited-edition of broadside comprised of handset antique wooden and lead movable type.

Poster text:

Two Films.

Imagine on your deathbed you were able to see two films of your life: One showed highlights of what you actually achieved. And then the other showed highlights of what you could have achieved with your ability, your talent, the opportunities that came your way etc. 

It would probably bring you to tears to know what else you could have done. The heights you could have climbed. The people you could have met. The races you could have run. The ideas you could have made happen. The change you could have made.

If only when you had come to the edge, you hadn’t taken that step back to safety. If you had just kept going after failing that one time. If only you had believed in that crazy dumb idea enough to tell the world about it.

Yes, if only you hadn’t, well, played so damn small.

So that’s why we started The Do Lectures. 

To narrow the distance between the ‘Two Films’.

Printed by Tracy Schlapp of Cumbersome Multiples in conjunction with the Watershed Publishing Program at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Each sheet was hand-fed through a Vandercook letterpress for each of two colour runs 'Watershed Grey' and 'Naphthol Scarlet'. The Gamblin ink used is sustainable production in Portland, Oregon. The Broadsides were printed on Stonehenge grey archival paper which is machine-made in the USA from 100% cotton fibress. The print measures 18" by 24" and is a hand-numbered edition of 300.

Cumbersome Multiples is a print collective led by artist team Tracy Schlapp and Daniel Duford. They create print-based collaborative projects in the their Portland, Oregon studio and on the road with a mobile printshop. @johnhenrytweets

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