How To Design Your Freelance Life So You Win. (London -September)

How To Design Your Freelance Life So You Win. (London -September)


How To Design Your Freelance Life So You Win.

A One Day Workshop with Ian Sanders at Cecil Sharp House, London on Friday 27th September 2019.

Quick Read.

Running a startup of one is not about surviving, but thriving in your new found freedom. 

You have to learn to say no as well as yes.

You have to learn how to switch off.

How to deal with worry.

You need a system that stops you from being busy.

And makes sure you spend time on what you are good at.

Enter Ian

Ian was no different to you. He was very successful in building his career, and after a few years he ended up as a managing director for a radio studio business in London.

But there was a problem. His health and sanity were suffering. When he weighed up having to take medication to keep himself healthy, or choosing a different path which he was in control of, he pulled the emergency cord and quit his job and began building his company of one.

That was in December 1999. Before WiFi, before co-working spaces, and before there was such a thing as the Gig Economy.

Design Your Life So You Win.

Now he’s put together a survival guide to help you get there. He’s gone ahead of you and cleared the way.

He’ll take your hand and guide your leap. Give you the confidence to land on two feet. 

Here he shares with you everything he’s learned to help you forge your own path into a successful future Startup of One.

Build A Life, Not A Business. 

"For me, a job where I can work how and where it suits me - and make time to walk the dog on the beach, skip out for lunchtime swims - that’s my dream. And it’s what I do."

But that comes from design, not by just wishing it.

This Workshop is for you if:

You're entering the world of freelance. You've already entered the world of freelance but finding it difficult to win. You're not sure yet. You're supporting someone who is.

But it’s precisely because you’re on your own you have to rely on yourself that it can be so hard. 

You need resilience, imagination, a human-touch, an indefatigable strength to keep going when it gets tough... 

You need to know what to do to fuel you. What to do to give you an edge. How to get noticed. What to do when you need to re-invent yourself. How to live the life you want. And enjoy the freedom you deserve.

You will learn:

  • How to design a work life around who you really are

  • How to build resilience, to not give up when times are tough

  • How to beat loneliness

  • How to not get stuck in a rut and try new things

  • How to make the most of flexibility and not get shackled to a desk

  • How to use your surroundings as a creative canvas and to get inspired

  • How to meet new people and find new opportunities

  • How to get back up when you fall down

  • How to beat imposter syndrome

  • How to structure your time

  • How to sell yourself

  • How to knuckle down and be your own taskmaster

  • How to stand out from the crowd: be better than the competition

  • How to get out of Freelance Fatigue: when you get stuck in a negative rut with no self belief

  • How to know to choose the right work

  • How to define success beyond the spreadsheet

The workshop includes: 

1. The basics - busting myths about what a career is and what success looks like. 

2. Keeping going - fuel you need for your journey, place and space, getting unplugged, the Importance of planning your working week and days; looking after yourself. 

3. Getting ideas - curiosity, mind wandering, journeys, creating space to think and have ideas. 

4. Connecting with others - non-networking networking, finding clients, spreading the word, developing a support network, finding your tribe. 

5. Your life as adventure - you’ve decided to do this for YOU, so make sure you are you in your business, and you create a work life around you, measuring success on your terms. Security vs freedom - are you ready for it?

Expect to:

Open your eyes to the benefits of how curiosity can lead to opportunities. Learn how you work best, and how to tune into the habits and behaviours that make you most productive.

The details:

  • £350

  • September 27th. 2019.

  • 9.30am - 5.30pm

  • Only 35 places are available.

  • This one-day workshop will take place in Central London.


Your Coach - Ian Sanders.


Back Story:

Ian started his career living out his teenage dream working in TV, radio and live music events. After becoming managing director of Unique Facilities, a radio studio and production business in central London, he took the leap in December 1999 to work for himself. Since then, Ian has had a twenty-year adventure as an independent which has taken him from a billionaire’s yacht in Cannes to the smoky basement of a London pub.

Never having followed a long term plan, his entrepreneurial approach and sense of curiosity have led him to wild realms and involvement in exciting and varied projects. Ian has: launched a business that made websites for parliamentarians; been a digital advisor to Noel Edmonds; co-managed a rock band; launched a marketing business by accident and ran ad campaigns for MTV and Benetton; written four books on work and business (including ‘Leap! Ditch Your Job, Start Your Own Business & Set Yourself Free’ and ‘Mash-up!: How to Use Your Multiple Skills to Give You an Edge, Make Money and Be Happier’). 

Spoken at The Do Lectures; been editor at large on the Do Lectures Stress Report; been a contributor to Monocle magazine; written about work and business for the Financial Times (despite never having trained as a journalist); trained BBC journalists about storytelling; worked backstage for the digital media team at The World Economic Forum in Davos; been an instructor at General Assembly; given talks at various events including South By South West Interactive in Austin, Texas and Inspire Live at Google London; run workshops from Amsterdam to Madrid for organisations including The Development Bank of Wales, Diageo and Microsoft; interviewed Tim Ferris in the back of a black cab, Gary Vaynerchuk in the back of a car and Billy Bragg in a cafe in Brighton; guest-lectured at University of East London and Ravensbourne College; launched a meetup group; spun-off a crowdfunded newspaper. Passionate about shaking up the world of work his mission is to spread the word.

Design Your Life So You Win.


Giving your Startup of One the best chance of success. 

When you work in a company, you get a tool kit with everything you need to know. You’re given an induction pack, you get a handover. You’re informed about the company’s way of doing things, its culture, the working practices. You get a sense of what’s expected of you and your role within the company. But when you work for yourself, you don’t get any of that. 

There’s no manual, and no map. No induction booklet, no handover, no one to ease you in gently. You just jump right in. Working for yourself is an adventure. It’s the journey of your life. It’s exciting, thrilling, liberating. 

There’s nothing like it, that feeling of freedom and independence. But you’re on your own. So how can you give your Startup of One the best chance of success? 

Lighting the way. 

You’ve got a wonderful adventure ahead, one that’s full of opportunity. But there’s a lot of stuff to find out about as you go. Pitfalls to avoid, challenges to overcome. Ian Sanders is an explorer who’s recce’d the future. Now he’s put together a survival guide to help you get there. He’s gone ahead of you and cleared the way. 

Over his long career he’s seen all there is to see, and has ridden through all the ups and downs of independent working. He’ll be your trusty guide as you take the leap. Or if you’ve already embarked on your journey, he’ll help you keep on track. Ian’s here to shine the light for you and illuminate the way, so you can set off safe in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing. 

Here he shares with you everything he’s learned to help you forge your own path into a successful future Startup of One.

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