Truth. Trust. Team. How Difficult Conversations Build Amazing (Remarkable) Businesses. (London - December)

Truth. Trust. Team. How Difficult Conversations Build Amazing (Remarkable) Businesses. (London - December)



Truth. Trust. Team. How Difficult Conversations Build Amazing (Remarkable) Businesses.

A One Day Workshop with Hilary Gallo at Cecil Sharp House, London on Friday 13th of December 2019.

This workshop will show you how to build the conditions to build a team that can win. To learn how to have difficult conversations and build a team spirit with your super-powers of truth and trust.

Being part of a team is just the best thing.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You love teams.

  • You believe in your people.

  • You know how potential your team has.

  • You believe in the importance of culture.

  • You want to see your team shine the brightest they can.

  • You want to grow. And you know for your team to win, you have to grow too.

  • You want to win. You want to win.

  • And you know for both to happen, honesty must win first.

You will learn:

  • How to listen to understand.

  • How to listen without jumping to judgments.

  • And why we do that anyway.

  • How to observe without judgment.

  • Why the truth scares us.

  • How to ask hard questions without attachment to the answer.

  • How to find common ground.

  • How to ask a good question.

  • How to ask a dumb one.

  • How to learn to dig for the truth.

  • Why being nice is doing the opposite of the intended outcome for everyone.

  • The importance of asking questions.

  • How to understand the different levels: what we really need is different from what we want.

  • Why we misunderstand each other.

  • How to develop empathy even when you don’t agree.

  • How to master seeing it from someone’s else is perspective.

  • Why being right or not being wrong is holding you back.

  • How the nervous system works.

  • Why don’t we like conflict.

  • How to calm people.

  • How to be nicer.

  • How to stop the bit of us that tends to mess it up.

  • And why knowing that will help you.

  • Why clarity without kindness is cruel.

  • Why kindness without clarity is insipid.

  • Why, ultimately, we have to be clear and kind.

  • How to learn the soft skills of trust.

  • How to learn the soft skills of the truth.

  • Why we have similar more intentions than behaviours.

  • Why everything is perspective and context.

  • How to make accountability fun.

  • Why building a team is a creative act.

  • What is the ‘Strong core’ of building a team.

  • What are the 5 dysfunctions of a team.

  • Why when your heart is at peace it is easier to lead others.

  • Do you fear being too hard or too soft.

  • How to make this your best year ever for you and your team.

Expect to:

Turn your phone off.

Be in the company of like-minded entrepreneurs. Be challenged, in a good way.

Go home with more capabilities for building a winning team than what you arrived with.

The details:

  • £350

  • December 13th. 2019.

  • Only 40 places are available.

  • This one-day workshop will take place in Central London.

  • For the next 24 hours, you can get a £50 early bird discount.

The Rules of Team.

How do teams win, even when the odds are against them? It is not complex, just hard. There are humans involved.

1, Who you hire will decide everything.

No news here. It’s all about people. But, the right people.

2, How you hire will decide who you hire.

Your hiring framework will decide your success.

It’s important to know.

You can’t train for:

1, Kindness.

2, Optimism.

3, Integrity.

4, Grit.

5, Curiosity.

6, Work ethic.

7, Care for others.

If you can’t train for it, then you must hire for it.

You can train for.

1, Skills.

2, Capabilities.

3, Process.

4, Technique.

In the hiring process, the soft skills are more important than you think. Because people either have them, or they do not.

 Danny Meyer has a system of hiring 51 percenters. Hire for emotional intelligence. Train for skills.

3, Radical honesty delivered at speed, and with deep care.

You have to create conditions for honesty to thrive.

At first, not everyone will be comfortable with this approach.  

But, for a team to win, a culture of honest feedback, delivered at speed, and without getting personal, allows for standards to rise quickly.

Once the team gets used to having the difficult conversations, they become less difficult.

Then, the energy of the team is directed to only getting better.


These stop progress.

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