Why Local Is The Answer

DO Wales

Running Time
23m 48s


Patrick Holden
Director of the Soil Association


Where does our food come from? Patrick believes an identity of a nation is related to its food. And that we need to reconnect to the story behind the food we eat

Patrick Holden was brought up in London. He visited a dairy farm near Epping aged five and decided he wanted to milk cows.

He studied biodynamic agriculture at Emerson College in 1972 and started a community farm in West Wales in 1973. 

The 93 hectare mixed organic farm is now the longest established organic dairy farm in Wales, with a herd of 65 Ayrshire cows - the milk from which is being made into an unpasteurised cheese by his son Sam. 

He has worked for the Soil Association since 1988 and as Director since 1995. During that period income has risen from £200,000 to £10 million and sales of organic food from £50 million to £2 billion.


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