Why we need to celebrate craftsman


Running Time
27m 22s


Nick Hand
Graphic Designer & Photographer


In an age of fast, there’s slow. In an age of quantity there’s quality. On a bike ride around Britain Nick discovered his appreciation of the craftsman and women of Britain. And how we need to keep these skills alive.

Nick Hand is a Bristolian graphic designer and photographer who set out from his front gate on his bicycle one June day and travelled around the coast of the British Isles in search of the artisans and characters who live and work on our coastline.

He made over 100 little photofilms on the journey editing and uploading them as he went.

In an age of speed, there is a good relationship between a slow journey on a bicycle and the patient skilled ways of craftsmen and women. Nick’s talk will explore the inspiration to be found in Britain’s makers.


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