Why Museums are f***ing awesome


Running Time
19m 39s


Nick Gray
Founder of Museum Hack


Nick Gray, Renegade Museum Tour Guide and Founder of low tech high touch business Museum Hack, shares his love story of his business and why Museums matter. When he first visited New York Metropolitan Museum of Art,  it unleashed a curiosity about history he’d never experienced before. He kept visiting and soon became obsessed and wanted to share this love, and place that meant so much to him with his friends. It became his passion project. He started Museum Hack, a fun private adventure led with heart, soul and a whole lot fun. It’s a Museum tour like no other, where people are taken to the best parts and any chance of boredom is swept away. His mission is to get people excited about Museums and to be the best tour guide in the World. This super inspiring talk explains how and why.

Nick Gray loves museums but hates how most museum tours are given. He founded Museum Hack, a company of private tour guides offering unconventional museum tours.

Nick has lived in New York City for the past seven years, with his favorite place being the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is interested in self-improvement and loves hosting picnics in Sheep Meadow of Central Park.


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