How to read the digital tea leaves


Running Time
23m 12s


Mike Beeston
Chairman of Fjord


Mike tells us how the digital will become more present in our everyday lives, and how the physical will maintain the digital.

Mike is the Chairman of Fjord, a multinational design consultancy working on the front line of digital development. He is also a small holder and part time sheep farmer.

After seventeen years of leading a double life, he believes that his two worlds – one digital and the other physical – are coming together.

It’s not yet reality on Mike’s smallholding, but it is becoming a reality on streets and in shops and buildings where Fjord is developing solutions that embed digital functionality into the physical environment to help us do things better.

Mike is championing this trend to integrate digital into physical activities and believes that it has the potential to change our understanding and response to the world in which we live.


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