How to get 50 million kids learning


Running Time
20m 13s


Michael Acton Smith
Founder, CEO & Creative Director of Mind Candy


How getting things wrong more than right and dreaming big, led to Michael creating Moshi Monsters, an online world delivering stealth education.

Michael has been described by the Daily Telegraph as “a Rock Star version of Willy Wonka” and by the Independent as “a polite version of Bob Geldolf”.

He is the CEO, Creative Director and founder of online games studio Mind Candy. The company created the online hit Moshi Monsters which has over 50m players online and is now expanding offline into books, toys, music, trading cards, TV and film.

Mind Candy’s first project was a global treasure hunt called Perplex City that played out across different media including websites, text messages, magazines, live events, skywriting and multiple helicopters.

Prior to Mind Candy, Michael co-founded, Berwickstock, and Silicon Drinkabout.


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