How To Raise Money For Your Idea

DO Wales

Running Time
23m 15s


Min-Kyu Choi & Matthew Judkins
Co Founders of Made in Mind


“Bringing game changing ideas to life.”

Matt Judkins and Min Kyu Choi talk about creating the right infrastructures to raise capital for a successful business. The different ways of obtaining funding and how to value the business for investment purpose, the manner of the proposition and timing of the investment. It's not just about raising cash, cash is a means to and end, it's about ensuring the longevity of the start-up.

Min-Kyu Choi and Matthew Judkins, formed Made in Mind in 2009 to commercialise Min- Kyu’s Folding Plug concept, a design that received global coverage when he first released his sketches.

Their journey leading up to launching their first product in 2012 under the crowd sourced name ‘mu’ included: product creation, manufacturer sourcing, fund raising, creating an international patent portfolio, winning awards and generally following a winding and uncertain road.

South Korean, Min-Kyu studied Design Interaction and Illustration before attending The Royal College of Art to further study Product Design. His work has been exhibited internationally and he is a named inventor on multiple granted patents. With the Folding Plug Min-Kyu was awarded the Brit Insurance Design of The Year in 2010.


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