Looking Through the Lens.

DO Australia

Running Time
27m 05s


Mat Lynn


Mat Lynn takes his audience on a fascinating ride through narrating his own life and travels by way of his captivating photographs, from his mother’s battle with cancer to political violence in Thailand and the struggles of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Mat likes to explore. A lot. He is a curious little critter who uses his camera as an excuse to talk to people. Photography is the reason he gets himself into various situations. Sometimes they can be awkward. Sometimes they can be beautiful. Sometimes they can be funny. Sometimes they can be devastating. A few years ago, Mat studied for a few years and eventually someone gave him a piece of paper saying he was a photojournalist. He didn’t pick it the certificate because he was in Timor-Leste documenting a woman giving birth. Ever since, Mat has worked in Melbourne and around Asia still watching, listening, laughing, and learning. 

Jessamy Gee of Think in Colour was at Do Lectures Australia 2015 and created this graphic recording throughout Mat's talk.


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