Go with the Flow


Running Time
32m 09s


Mara Abrams
Founder The Flow Collective


"You have to push yourself just beyond what you thought you were capable of."

Mara is a social innovator and entrepreneur. Her latest venture, The Flow Collective, is a multifaceted platform redefining the culture of entrepreneurship. It includes a design and tech academy that gives people the tools to solve real-world challenges, and a global incubator promoting mindfulness, diversity, and human-centered design. She has led historic incubators and innovation workshops as far away as Cuba and Myanmar, as well as at home in Portland, OR.

Previously, Mara served as Global Partnerships Manager for Nike Foundation’s Innovation team, working on breakthrough approaches to serving adolescent girls living in poverty. Mara was first introduced to the Nike Foundation during the inaugural Do Lectures USA, where she was a Bloomberg Businessweek Innovation Fellow. At the time she was working to train and support citizen journalists and young filmmakers in conflict, post-conflict, and underreported regions. The Do Lectures inspired her to make her next bold moves, and she is thrilled to share her story in this full-circle moment in the company of brilliant do-ers.


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