DO Wales

DO Wales is hosted on an old farm in Cardigan that has been part of the town’s heritage for centuries. The locals can recite the line of ownership from its beginnings to the time DO co-founders The Hieatts made the farm their home.

It’s been a long time since the barns have seen any livestock, since the farm actually worked as a farm. We don’t know a whole lot about rearing animals - hey, it’s a tricky business - but we do know a thing or two about rearing great ideas. So we turned it into The Ideas Farm, where we feed dreams, not cows. 

Perched atop a hill that offers near three-hundred-and-sixty degree views over Cardigan Bay and the lustrous undulating landscape of West Wales, outbuildings that have sat empty for years are being given a purpose again. The Chicken Shed is DO HQ, The Cow Barn will be our new Lecture Hall and where industrious machinery once churned will be a place for attendees and speakers to sit side by side over five star food and share their DO experience. 

The Farm is the perfect setting to inspire your ideas, to nurture them and give you all the tools you need to go out there and make that idea happen.


The Do Farm
Cardigan, West Wales
SA43 3DR

Next Do Lectures Wales
6th July 2017

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Nestled in an idyllic town of 800 folks is the original and only home of DO Lectures USA, a beautiful genius of a place called Campovida, “Field of Life”. This fifty acre organic vineyard and farm, cultivating stunning wines and abundant conversations, was originally home to the Pomo Valley tribe. 

Like all DO locations, Campovida is neither nearby nor too far away. Based roughly ninety minutes north of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in the town of Hopland, Campovida sits near the Upper Russian River and is framed by the bucolic golden hills of California. Five hundred year old oaks line the landscape along with award winning vineyard rows.

The talks take place in an epic old hop barn that, yes, used to grow hops for beer making. It’s an intimate setting, a place to share and listen and be enraptured by another life.   

We do not believe in creating magic at DO, but we do believe we can create the conditions for magic to happen. One of those conditions is place. We welcome you to join us out in our field beyond wrong-doing and right-doing called Campovida.


Hopland, California
CA 95449

DO Australia

In a remote part of south east Australia on the upper reaches of the Mitta River, there is a specially designed sanctuary built at the heroic feet of a mountain range. It's called Payne's Hut, built with love and by hand. 

Some say Payne's Hut is a mirage. A place you can't quite believe exists. Maybe it’s the surprise of the lush garden with the feng-shui designed paths, a gem amongst the 3,000 acre farm. Maybe it’s the care of the hosts, Tess and Graham Payne, and their extraordinary food, their wisdom and the stories they have to tell. Maybe it's how the environment warms you and welcomes you in. Or even how you can shake hands with the Southern Cross by night. 

Walk along Fitzgeralds Road, only used by few locals, revel in the tall gumtrees and fresh air and imagine what's possible. Warm your hands by an open fire, eat dinner on the deck, let your phone become a paperweight (there's no phone towers here) and then come on up to the local Hall, a place known for its gift of infectious smiles. 

DO at Payne's Hut is a tribute to Australia, the local area and to the essence of ‘care’.


Payne's Hut
Fitzgeralds Road,
Glen Valley,
Victoria 3898