Don’t Set Yourself Boundaries You Can’t Break Down


Running Time
22m 04s


Liam Burgess
Director of Mischief at NOMNOM Chocolate


“No one cares about your cool ideas. Just make it happen.”

You could say that Liam was destined to make chocolate. Growing up next to the Cadbury factory he is now on a mission to build the best chocolate factory in the world.

Liam drew inspiration from the time he spent working with a French chef in his restaurant days. He loved those making stuff in all corners of Wales, which have influenced many of his chocolate bar flavours even today. The company was founded four years ago with a £3,000 loan from the Princes Trust in a caravan in Liam’s mums back garden. At NOMNOM, the team is made up of passionate individuals wanting to make a real difference to the community.


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