Why The First Legal Steps For Starting-up A Business Matter So Much


Running Time
25m 26s


Johnathan Rees
Corporate Lawyer


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“Your objectives and aspirations will influence the form of business structure that you should be adopting.”

They say you'll make most of your mistakes in the first 3 months of business. How you set up your company, what legal status, what type of shares are all big decisions. They are the decisions that we think aren't that important, only to find out years later how wrong you were. So this is an important talk if you're starting-up a business. Johnathan provides an informative overview of the legal steps and considerations in start-ups and how objectives and aspirations influence the business structure. He concentrates on the role of the private company and the roles and responsibilities of the individuals within the company along with its ownership, management and exit.

Johnathan is a corporate lawyer with commercial law firm Joelson Wilson, based in London’s West End.

He is part of the firm’s Food and Drink team which advises companies across the food and beverage, leisure and retail sectors. He advises businesses on a variety of corporate transactions from mergers and acquisitions and private equity fund raisings to commercial agreements.

Welsh, and a former rugby player, Johnathan cites an interest in people and their businesses as key to the corporate lawyer’s role.


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