Love Versus Greed

DO Wales

Running Time
13m 47s


John Grant
Media commentator / Writer / Think tanker


John has been involved in a number of social ventures over the last 20 years. He explains how they are always a mixture of love (social purpose) and greed (capital, investment, equity and personal ambition), putting it this way allows John to make it clear that there is an inbuilt conflict at the heart of every such venture.

John is author of several books including the The Green Marketing Manifesto.

His background is in brand, innovation, web 2.0 and new marketing, he has made various efforts over the last two decades to do a little good and not too much harm. John is a media commentator, writer, think tanker and also a prolific blogger.

When he isn’t doing any of this, and when his family are fast asleep, John can generally be found in his old fashioned analogue music studio making strange electronic blips and snarls.


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