How school leavers can learn how to make the right career choice


Running Time
24m 13s


Joe Casey
CEO of Casey Careers


If you are trying to decide on what career or what course to do, watch this insightful talk from Joe Casey about the art of choosing.

As a teenager unsure of what he wanted to do, Joe opted for something manly – Engineering.

Fed up with that, he jumped at the chance of a year’s work experience in Africa. Came back and moved to London. After a number of years he knew he had to face up to what interested me most – human beings , their experiences, issues and directions in life.

He embarked on Counselling and Career Guidance courses. Over the years Joe has worked with a few thousand teenagers and adults helping them discover their own identity, thus empowering them to choose fulfilling, purposeful, personally meaningful and successful paths’ in life.


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