Do it for (y)ourself


Running Time
18m 21s


Indy Johar
Architect & policy researcher


Inspiring talk from Indy Johar. How to build community around things. How do we go from ‘I’ to ‘We’. Big ideas. Challenging ideas.

Indy Johar is a qualified architect & policy researcher. He is a director of the global Hub network, co-founder of Hub Makelab – a supportive eco-system for social startups.

He co-founded 00:/ [zer’o zer’o] in 2005, a design strategy practice focused on catalysing change in our cities, towns and neighbourhoods through a fusion of physical and institutional interventions.

Projects range from the scale of low-carbon homes, developing a new class of learning institutions, to community led neighbourhood retrofits and ‘mass collaborative’ community master plans.

Indy has taught and lectured at various institutions from Columbia University New York to Said Business School Oxford.


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