Go On The Edge To Make A Difference

DO Australia

Running Time
18m 57s


Hamish Curry
Educator, enabler and collaborator & Do Lectures Program Director

@hamishcurry of @NoTosh

Hamish Curry explores how often we have to go on the edge if we want to make a difference – sometimes that requires rewriting the system. On the topic of education and innovation, he talks about the necessity of risk, play, wonder, and an open mind.

Hamish has a gleeful, almost childlike fascination with learning that encourages others around him to join in. He adores seeing others learning and designs learning programs at NoTosh, a 'no-nonsense' company for creative problem-finding and solving. Based in NoTosh Australia's branch, Hamish works with education sectors across the country on design thinking and creative leadership strategy and brings a renowned expertise to galleries, museums, corporates such as Google and cultural institutions across Australia and overseas. 

Hamish was the Education Manager at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, where he developed multitudes of successful learning programs bringing together often disparate topics around technology, media, and the Library's collections, attracting ‘000s of people to the library across a raft communities. He has a rich teaching background including the design and management of a unique Year 9 Campus in Melbourne, experience in the UK and Japan. He can also be found scheming new collaborative learning initiatives, such as Melbourne’s recent ‘Startup Weekend Education’. 

A passionate snowboarder, he finds time to play games of all kinds and immerses himself in the energy of his family between the worlds of Australia and Japan.  

Hamish is one of the reasons Do is so remarkable here in Australia. We’re in awe of his talent to bring about riches from topics that wouldn’t be expected to go together. He has been co-designing the DO ingredients since the start and curates the speakers for each Aussie Do. So you can possibly imagine his surprise at receiving an invitation to speak! If he looks slightly distracted while other talks are going on, it could just be he has the ‘talk of his life’ on his mind. Give him a hug, a Japanese whisky, a great joke, a funny accent or a massive smile. They all have the same effect!


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