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Global Podcast Supper Series

Starting this Autumn, we are going to start our Global Podcast Supper Series. At Do, we have learned the best conversations take place over food. When people are relaxed, open-minded, and very much themselves. We will supply a digital recorder so you can record the talk. And we will then share it as part of our Global Podcast Supper Series.

The Format.
1 Talk. 1 Supper. Many Conversations.

The Details.
It will take place at your home. You will decide who gets invited. You will pick the speaker. You choose the date. There is no money to be exchanged. You will provide the food and the beer and wine for free as you would if you were having a dinner party.

The Flow.
The talk comes first. It can be up to 20 minutes long, but no longer. Then supper. The talk creates the conversations, which is where the magic lies.

What you have to Do.
Please fill out the form below with your idea for a speaker, let us know your location and why we should pick you. Once chosen, we will agree on a date, and then we will send you a box with a digital recorder. We will talk you through how to best to set it up. In theory, it should be as simple as pressing record on the night. But we all know how theory plays games with us sometimes. After the supper, we will have it picked up at our cost, and then it will be quickly loaded up on the site as part of the series.

You’re the Curator.
You pick the food. You invite your friends for supper. And yes, you curate the person to talk. We seek to inspire conversations over food. It’s fun. Relaxed. Community building. And, of course, inspiring. It would be great if you want to take some photos of the evening, tell us who was there, and tell us what was on the menu. This will help us tell the backstory of the evening when we launch your podcast.

Submit your Speaker.
We will try and select what we think are the most interesting speakers in far flung locations. Please submit your speakers, and your proposed dates so we can start to make plans. Please fill out the form below to Submit your Supper Speaker Proposal.

Partnership Opportunities.
We are excited about the Global Podcast Supper Series. We think conversations over food are often the best. If your company has an interest in becoming a Global partner in this exciting new podcast series, then please drop an email to:

Supper Proposal Form.

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City, State/Province, Country
We think it's important to keep curious and to always be learning. We do this by making sure we cover a broad range of topics and specialties. Choose a category below that your night is most closely related to. Your supper can be as tightly or loosely related to this topic as you wish, but sometimes we find it's good to have a jumping off point.
Tell us all about your choice for a Supper Series Speaker.
We would love to know a bit about you and what excites you most about hosting a Supper! From food to guests to location and environment let us know any information that can give us a good picture of the night you'll be hosting.