You Can’t Change The World Over Night, But You Can Make A Start.

DO Wales

Running Time
16m 55s


Fergal Smith
Surfer & Grower


Fergal rides waves. And not just any waves. Crazy big waves. And he does it better than pretty much anybody else in the world. But after several years of traveling to the furthest corners of the globe chasing the craziest surf and leading a super carbon heavy lifestyle, he decided it was time to give back to the planet. So now he’s growing food to support himself and the community around him, and has made it his mission to educate others about the importance of farming.

I was born in 1987 on the west coast of Ireland, just outside Westport, Co Mayo. My Mother is from West Belfast and my Dad is from outside London. They met in Dublin but thankfully left the city and moved West. They started growing organic vegetables and herbs on a little one acre farm and have been ever since. To get a break from the hard work on the farm mum and dad took us all my brother and sister down to Achill island and thats where I got hooked on the ocean.Surfing has been the best fun learning experience and always will be. I have now come back to that the land and it feels so good. I am a very lucky soul to be able to surf and grow my own food, and I want to help anyone else who wants to learn and live together as healthily as we can



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