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Do Stress

  • Cecil Sharp House 2 Regent's Park Road London, England, NW1 7AY United Kingdom (map)

This is the first in a pioneering series of One-Day events from the iconic Do Lectures. The first Ideas Day’ takes a look at Stress.

As business owners, as startup entrepreneurs, as CEO’s of well-known companies, how do we look after our people. It’s an important question.
What companies are leading the way? And why? Why are smart companies building human cultures, not corporate ones. Why does purpose matter more than ever? Why do some sports people choke at crucial times, and others fly? Can mindfulness and yoga be good for business? Does a company culture just happen or is it planned? Do longer hours actually give better results? How can happiness make us more innovative? Why is not thinking about the business so important for the business?
The purpose of the day is to help us as business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, HR directors, to understand stress better. So we can shape our companies to look after our people better. A company that creates a culture that does that will do better in the long-term. Simple, really.

Pioneering approach.
Each speaker will speak without slides or Power point presentation for 10 minutes. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to answer questions.
As this will be one of the first events in the world filmed on Periscope and Facebook Live, it will go out live around the world. That allows us to take questions from around the world. Stress is a global issue, and questions from all over the globe help us all to think differently about it.

Each talk will receive likes feedback in real time at the event. 

At the end of the Do Ideas Day, we will provide a venue to allow networking to allow people to exchange ideas.

How the day looks.
1-day event.
9:30am -5.30pm.
Theme: Stress.
10 speakers.
1 breakout workshops to help networking. And leg circulation.

Lunch included.

Cost: £450 per attendee.

Location: Central London.
Date: October 14th


Confirmed Speakers:


James Kerr, Author Legacy.

‘Mindset, what business can learn about dealing with pressure from sport.'

James is the author of Legacy. A book that looked at why the New Zealand rugby team were able to win more than any other, even though they didn't have either the biggest resources or playing pool.  It revealed the importance of removing the ego and replacing it with the ethos that better people make better all blacks. It was one of our favourite and most insightful books of last year.

Michael Townsend Williams, Breathesync.

How to Breathe yourself better?

Michael Townsend Williams is a coach to the top C.E.O's. He is the co-founder of the innovative Breathesync the wellbeing app that brings your breathing into sync with your heart to reduce stress and improve focus. He is the author of the Do Breathe book that has been sold all over the world. He is an inspiring advocate that every company should have a C.W.O.: A Chief Wellbeing Officer. We have people who look at just the numbers, why not after people.

Louisa Thomsen Brits - Author, writer, human.

'What can we learn from Hygge - The Danish Art of Living well.'

Louisa is an accomplished writer and has just released her book: Hygge. In it, Louisa discovers that this Danish custom is indeed an everyday life philosophy for better living. And this is something we can all learn from. Hygge is a feeling of belonging and warmth, a moment of comfort and contentment. It can be as simple as making time to make a pot of coffee, relax in your favourite chair and discover for yourself how life is better with Hygge. Is it any wonder Denmark repeatedly appear on the happiest country list?

Jim Taylour
, Head of Design and Wellbeing, Orangebox.

How Psycho Ergonomics de-stresses our workspaces?

The workplace is changing.  We want to work where we can be productive and relaxed.  That may mean working at home more. That may mean deep work zones far away from the open plan offices.  Even changing something as simple as how we sit at a desk. Orangebox is one of the world's leaders in office work environments and not only has to imagine the future of work. But it also has to be able to manufacture it. They believe in the power of design to de-stress the workplace.

Matt Miller, John Sinclair, Co-founders of Ustwo.

'How to create a culture that encourages everyone to do the best work of their lives.'

How do you create a culture that allows people to feel safe enough to do their best work? Matt and John have created such a culture amongst their 250 employees across 4 studios in 4 different countries.  And along the way created an unusual business model that believes in the importance of experiments. Monument Valley won Apple's App of the year, downloaded over 23 million times. So if part of your culture is to allow for experiments, for risk taking to happen, how do you protect your people's time when they get busy.

David Hieatt, Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co and Co-founder of the Do Lectures.

How purpose makes you tough, more creative and less stressed.

Cardigan town used have Britain's biggest jeans factory. It used to make 35,000 pairs of jeans a week, every week for nearly 40 years. Then in 2001 that factory closed. David and Clare Hieatt started Hiut Denim Co with the purpose to get 400 people their jobs back. There are now 16 people making jeans in Cardigan. That leaves 384 more jobs to create. So why does purpose make you stronger, more creative and less stressed?

Neil Denny, Divorce lawyer at Diane Genders Solicitors. 

Transforming conflict from stress into growth’.

Neil has practiced family law since 1998. As a qualified mediator and collaborative practitioner, he is a distinguished author, writing four books on dealing with conflict including ‘Creating Meaning out of Conflict’ and ‘Conversational Riffs’. He regularly delivers talks and workshops across the UK to a range of audiences from lawyers to schools and businesses. We’re very excited to hear his talk about transforming conflict from stress into growth. 

Alice Mackintosh, Nutritionist. 

'Promoting Productivity: what to eat to stay alert, focused and energized at work’.

Having spent the last 5 and a half years as a Nutritional Consultant, four of which were spent at the Food Doctor Clinic on Harley Street, Alice knows a thing or two about food. By way of a pioneering approach to nutrition, she has helped her clients implement a healthy attitude towards food and lifestyle which has, in turn, worked to support both the body and mind.

 In-between all of this, she has also managed to co-found Equi London – a supplier of vitamin supplements aimed towards those who feel they have lost their spark due to the stresses of every-day life. At Do Stress, Alice will be sharing her knowledge on what we should be eating to keep us working at our best.

Allison Barr, New Market Trainer, Lululemon.

'How can empowering people remove stress?' 

Lululemon is best known for its high quality and innovative yoga and running gear. But the culture it creates for its people makes it a very interesting company. And yes, when your reason to exist as a business is to help your customers to be healthier and happier, that helps attract great people. But, Lululemon are intent on creating a culture for their people to grow and learn. A big part of that is empowering them with control. For example, each shop manager makes the decisions for their own shop, and runs it in the way they think is best.

Samantha Clarke, Happiness consultant & Changemaker.

‘How to create more happiness at work’.

Samantha Clarke lives by a Happiness @ Work ethos. As a self-confessed Happiness Consultant and Changemaker, her clients include Barclays, American Express, Pizza Hut and Harrods. The founder of Samantha &, a company which provides advice and coaching to anyone who manages people, Samantha aims to craft company cultures which not only create happy employees & teams but which attracts and keeps them too. Something the smart companies have already figured out.


Live Video Q&A Session.

Jason Fried, CEO and co-founder of Basecamp.

Jason Fried is a CEO and founder. He’s also an author. He’s also a speaker. Jason is a lot of things. His co-written book, Rework (2010), was a New York Times Bestseller. His Ted Talk has been viewed over 4.5 million times. You could say he’s pretty successful. But what’s most inspiring is the way he runs his company.

Basecamp implements a system called ‘Work Can Wait’. The idea? Individuals can program their own work notifications so that nothing follows them home. No 9pm emails, or Sunday afternoon crisis calls. Zilch. Between May 1st and August 31st, employees at Basecamp work 4-day Summer Work Weeks, meaning they only work 8hr days, Monday to Thursday. Every three years, employees are eligible to take a month-long sabbatical. And every employee can spend up to $100 dollars a month on massages. All of this constitutes a pretty great company culture. The best part? He’ll be a holding a live, video Q&A session just for us at Do Stress. Exciting Stuff. 


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