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Do Australia 2015

  • Payne's Hut Fitzgeralds Road, Glen Valley Victoria 3898 Australia (map)

Payne's Hut, Fitzgeralds Road, Glen Valley, Victoria
20 talks
Fresh, local food
Live music
Camping Accommodation
Exceptional Market Lane coffee
Kooks wine with dinners

Ticket cost:
$2,000 + GST - Individual Ticket
$5,000 + GST - Duo Ticket (2 seats reserved together) - only 1 left

The new tickets are duo tickets (business/life partners, father and daughters, mentor and mentee etc). They're designed to enable you to share the experience with someone close to you.

Duo tickets are slightly more expensive so we can reserve spots together and provide the talks online for free to the world. 

If we are hard to describe, that is not a bad thing. We are breaking new ground. And the box people want to put us in doesn't yet exist. We are a mash-up. We take great talks, super local food, great un-signed bands (not for long), frantic to calm workshops, and bring these things together in one place.

We pick the most eclectic bunch of attendees and speakers we can find and we put them in a beautiful retreat called Payne's Hut that will take you somewhere else altogether. (The best places do that). And then, if that wasn't quite enough, we switch our phones off. Yup, they don't work so well in the mountains. Instead, you begin to talk to people. Ideas need conversation. We believe mashing all this stuff up creates an eco-system for ideas where they have the best chance of being born, shared and acted upon. So what do we do? We start conversations.

Our location's beauty needs to remove you from your day to day. It needs to free your mind from the shackles. Head space comes from physical space. Payne's Hut in North East Victoria will certainly do that. The food, the wine, the beauty, the smell of gum trees that rise into the sky, the surrounding Alpine mountains, the clean air. A unique Australian setting.

Apply to Attend

To be one of the 80 attendees at Payne's Hut next year, you'll need to fill out an application pack. You can download it here, but first please tell us a little about yourself so that we can keep in touch. 

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In a remote part of south east Australia on the upper reaches of the Mitta River, there is a specially designed sanctuary built at the heroic feet of a mountain range. It's called Payne's Hut, built with love and by hand. 

Some say Payne's Hut is a mirage. A place you can't quite believe exists. Maybe it’s the surprise of the lush garden with the feng-shui designed paths, a gem amongst the 3,000 acre farm. Maybe it’s the care of the hosts, Tess and Graham Payne, and their extraordinary food, their wisdom and the stories they have to tell. Maybe it's how the environment warms you and welcomes you in. Or even how you can shake hands with the Southern Cross by night. 

Walk along Fitzgeralds Road, only used by few locals, revel in the tall gumtrees and fresh air and imagine what's possible. Warm your hands by an open fire, eat dinner on the deck, let your phone become a paperweight (there's no phone towers here) and then come on up to the local Hall, a place known for its gift of infectious smiles. 

DO at Payne's Hut is a tribute to Australia, the local area and to the essence of ‘care’.

Learn more about Payne's Hut

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