The Life-Changing Magic Of Being Brave


Running Time
15m 55s


Ella Grace Denton
Musician and uber-blogger. Co-founder of @StoriesBehindThings.

@Ellagracedenton ellagracedenton

“Go on a road-trip with love and fear. Let love drive. Fear can have a backseat Don’t let fear have the steering wheel.”

Ella shares with us about how she conquers fear and embraces bravery in a society that constantly fools us into thinking that we do not have the ability to create our own lives. The essence of a human being is to create.

Ella uploaded her first YouTube video in 2011; five years later, she has become a compassionate Vegan with a mission to inspire us all to live more. Co-founder of @StoriesBehindThing and founder of We Need To Live More.


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