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Do Wales 2019: Registration

Registration closes:

Each year, we ask you to register your interest to attend The Do Lectures, West Wales, 2019.

With a growing reputation from the last decade, there is always pressure to grow the event.

But the old cow shed isn’t for growing.

Instead, we ask ourselves how can make it more magical each year?

There are only 100 places available, and your role is important. You pay for millions of people to watch the talks for free. You create the magic at the event. And, you go back and tell your friends ‘Hey, you must go.’

Our only advice is this: Don’t come if you aren’t willing to say goodbye to the old you.


Registration for Do Wales 2019 now closed.



Do Wales

DO Wales is hosted on an old farm in Cardigan that has been part of the town’s heritage for centuries. The locals can recite the line of ownership from its beginnings to the time DO co-founders The Hieatts made the farm their home.

It’s been a long time since the barns have seen any livestock, since the farm actually worked as a farm. We don’t know a whole lot about rearing animals - hey, it’s a tricky business - but we do know a thing or two about rearing great ideas. So we turned it into The Ideas Farm, where we feed dreams, not cows. 

Perched atop a hill that offers near three-hundred-and-sixty degree views over Cardigan Bay and the lustrous undulating landscape of West Wales, outbuildings that have sat empty for years are being given a purpose again. The Chicken Shed is DO HQ, The Cow Barn will be our new Lecture Hall and where industrious machinery once churned will be a place for attendees and speakers to sit side by side over five star food and share their DO experience. 

The Farm is the perfect setting to inspire your ideas, to nurture them and give you all the tools you need to go out there and make that idea happen.