Offsite meetings can change the direction of a company. Quickly. To leave the day-to-day, creates a space to think differently. The Do Lectures has got very good at creating that space. This year, we will open the farm up to just 4 companies to do their offsite meetings.

Would it suit my company?
This would suit creative companies, and in terms of numbers, 10-20 people would work best. We can arrange everything from the music, to inspiring speakers, to activities, to workshops. We will cater for you with amazing local food. We do not do accommodation, but there are some great hotels nearby where the team can relax and have a beer afterwards.

The setting.
The Do Farm sits in 17 acres of countryside on the far West of Wales. A farm has been on this site since 1201. The well is recorded on one of the earliest maps. The Farm looks out over The River Teifi as it meanders into Cardigan Bay. It is a great setting for an offsite meeting.

Creative companies get it.
A company offsite meeting should inspire the team. And it should be fun. But often you end up in a stuffy 5-star hotel that is neither of those two things. Our job is to create a space where people relax, that is unfussy and takes you to another place.

It is what it is.
This is an old working farm. We haven’t tried to make it perfect. Its beauty comes from all the work it has done in its previous life. We love its rough edges and imperfections. 
But what we have tried to do is to give The Farm a new life, to make the simple things work well: A shower simple as pie and a hot one. The polished concrete floors make the irregular walls look even more amazing. The bar sits by the old generator that used to power the farm by a tractor turning its engine.
It’s a great mix of the old and new, and makes it a unique venue for your creative company.

The Location.
We are on the far edge of West of Wales. If you leave London, head West for 4 hours. Stop when you hit water. We overlook where the River Teifi hits Cardigan Bay. It’s super quiet, and very far away from a corporate environment that you can get. 

Is it available? How much will it cost? 
Let’s talk re: availability. In terms of cost it will depend on what you want from us. If you want workshops, we can do that. If you want music, we can do that. If you want us to arrange some amazing speakers, we can do that. If you want us to compere the whole event, we can do that too. Like we said, let’s talk.



Can we accommodate? 
Not for now. But, when WeTransfer came over from Amsterdam, they stayed at a nearby hotel and it worked really well.

Is it big enough for my company?
I guess that depends on the size of your company. Could we do Apple? Not the whole company. But we could do Apple when it does offsite meeting for its top 10-20 folk. Our focus is for small progressive companies that vary from 10-20 people. We can cope with that. 

Will it suit my company?
If your company is a creative company, the answer is probably yes. If your company wants a 5-star hotel with linen cloth tables and fine dining, then the answer is to probably no. The pictures give you a good feel for the place.  Only you can answer if that feel is right for you.

Do we have any experience of Offsites?
The Farm is the new long-term venue for The Do Lectures. The Do Lectures is a world-renowned annual gathering around ideas and innovation. We look after 150 people at the Do lectures. So we have gained experience at this just by doing it. The Do Lectures was voted in the top 10 ideas festival in the world by the Guardian. 

We have done offsites for companies like Welsh Water, Unbound and WeTransfer. And here's what they had to say...

"48 hours in the Welsh countryside, in the pouring rain, on a remote farm, cooped up (literally) with your colleagues. Sounds like torture, but was amazing. The journey, the setting, the context, the food and the people make for an unforgettable experience."
 Damian Bradfield, WeTransfer
"Taking Unbound to DO was a triumph. We all know every team needs to take time out and question how they work together but it’s vital to leave the familiar far behind. The journey on the train to Wales was great fun and the Do Farm has the perfect mix of luxury and nature that made everyone feel it's a treat as well as a time to take a step back. Getting insights from Mark and David about how we could evolve the business and appreciate what we’d achieved so far was inspiring too. The things everyone still talks about though were the camp fire conversations, the beer and My God, the food!"
 Dan Kieran, Unbound
"The Do Farm gave us time out to think. Time for the team to take a collective step back from the always-on reactive nature of our business. To put our iPhones down and talk about what our customers really need from us. We left west Wales more ambitious, more focussed on the things that really matter."
 Morgan Lloyd, Welsh Water