Do Live.

Do Wales Live. July 6-9th, 2017.

Elon Musk wants to take you on an incredible journey to Mars. The Do Lectures wants to take you on an equally incredible journey: From where you are now to where you could be. To reach our potential is all we can ask on our short stay on this planet. That is why we do the do. To Help others on that journey.

We know our event is powerful, super intimate, and yes for some, life-changing. But it can only have 100 attendees. Our old cow shed simply can’t do scale. And if the truth be known, intimacy doesn’t scale. 

So how can we help more people on this journey? Because that is what drives us. One way is to offer our community a chance to go to the event via Live Streaming.

What Will A Live Streaming Ticket Give Me? 
18 talks
Plus Q+A’s
Plus a chance to ask a speaker your question
3 Bands
15 Interviews

What if you can't watch the full live programme?
Don't worry we've got this bit covered. The full programme will be available on play back for 48 hours after the live streaming has taken place. 

For every ticket we sell, thanks to our partnership with Unbound, the online platform that is changing how books get published, a student gets a free live streaming ticket.

You will have a programme with the running order and times of all the talks and the music. So you can plan around your schedule. 

Upsides of Live Streaming.
You don’t go home smelling of camp fire.
You go to bed before 4am.
You are not in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of strangers.

Downsides of Live Streaming.
You don’t go home smelling of camp fire.
You go to bed before 4am.
You are not in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of strangers.

Here is the Do Wales 2017 Speaker line-up.

Details of Talks & Live Interview Programming. 

As well as the inspiring talks, to help give you more insights and a feel for what it feels like to attend this crazy-life-affirming event, we have come up with a bunch of irreverent interview programmes for you:

Details of Live Interview Programming. 
Straw Studio.
Andy Middleton, inspirational change-maker ask speakers if the quality of our questions determines the quality of our life, what questions changed your life.

Potter's Bike.
Mark Shayler provides the questions and the horse power while the speaker makes a pot and answers his questions: What drives them apart from Mark Shayler.

Global Camp Fire Questions. 
Late night reflections on a day of talks. Carlo Navato takes questions from attendees and the global audience around a camp fire.

Hieatt Half Hour.
The founders of The Do Lectures share a morning coffee with speakers and ask how giving has helped them in their lives and work etc.

Pot Wash Cool Down.
Just what you need after a talk and that is to do the dishes in the pot wash with Mark Shayler. He asks them about their role models and how they shaped their lives.

Wall of Tyres.
Carlo Navato asks the speakers what are their regimes, their rituals, their ways of thinking what they think gives them the edge.

Land Rover Series.
From an old Land Rover in a field in west Wales, Andy Middleton asks what drives them? What is up ahead for them? What are they excited by?

Whisky Den Wisdom.
Mark Shayler asks the speakers to pick 3 songs that played a big part in their lives and why.

How to buy?

The cost of the 3 day and night live streaming costs £95, just to make things real simple. And thanks to our partner, Unbound, a global crowdfunding platform to help writers publish their books, each ticket sold, we then give a student a free live streaming ticket. Thank you unbound.

Thank you for your support. Here’s to seeing you in Do Wales. Kinda.

Download Do Live Schedule

Thank you to Unbound. 
Unbound are changing the world for would be writers. Now if you have a great idea for a book, you can put it to your world, and if they back you, it gets published. They are truly liberating ideas. For every ticket we sell, we will give a student one for free. So a big thank you to Unbound for making this possible.