A Speakerʼs Do List

1. Tell your story. People want to see the human behind your story. Let them in.

2. Don’t do the same old talk that you always do. It’s time to leave your comfort zone.

3. Tell us of your struggles as well as your successes. Warts and all. Failure is often a better teacher than success.

4. Don’t read it. Let it flow from the heart. You will touch more people that way.

5. Tell us your dreams, your passions, what you stand for. Tell us about your crazy new idea or your brave new thinking. We need to know what drives you.

6. Do entertain. We cover some serious subjects, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Entertainment is good. People learn a lot while laughing.

7. Don’t refer to previous speakers in your talk as the online audience won’t know who you are talking about. 

8. Don’t steal other speakers time. It’s a 20-minute talk. Rehearsals will tell you if you have your timing right.

9. Do give the best talk that you have ever done. 

10. Enjoy this amazing community. The food, the beer, the music and the fire-side conversation all go to make The Do lectures so special. It’s a magical event, and you are the magic. So please stick around.