Sell Your Pursuit Not Your Product


Running Time
18m 47s


Collyn Ahart
Brand Strategist


“Products can do functional roles, but a brand is what connects you to other people.”

Collyn talks about brand strategy, particularly how brands identify cultural and social roles and opportunities. Collyn emphasises the importance for brand strategy to understand their role within culture. Cultures are what make us feel connected to one another and part of something bigger. People want things they can connect with and if they can identify this to the brand, it brings the strategy to life.

Collyn Ahart helps brands connect with culture, with clients like Rapha, BSkyB, The Royal Mail and Divine Chocolate.

This means understanding and articulating a brand’s unique but often humble role in a culture’s shape and metabolism.

But what happens when there are no brands acknowledging a culture? A cultural opportunity? She has created an outdoors-wear brand for women for this very reason.


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