What are the questions that drive us


Running Time
25m 28s


Christiana Wyly
Venture partner at Satori Capital


Poignant and powerful talk from Christina Wyly. What do you that matters? What is the question that you are living now.  And why ‘now’ is the most important thing you have.

Christiana Wyly is an environmental advocate, lecturer and a venture partner at Satori Capital, an investment firm focused on sustainable investing, providing conscious capital and helping to grow the market for products and firms dedicated to a sustainable future.

Christiana’s unique perspective as a twenty-something businesswoman has landed her on the cover of Kiplinger’s and inside The New York Times, C Magazine, the Dallas Morning News, The Herald Tribune and Treehugger, among others.

Her passion for social technology, global change and empowering young entrepreneurs globally keeps her on the cutting edge of new media and emerging ideas.


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